Commercial Spice Grinding Machine

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We Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. pleased to introduce Ultra Grinding Mill (UGM Mill) system which is used to grind different spices like Turmeric, Chili, coriander etc. In our UGM Mill system Spice will be grinded in single cutting - with latest technology - controlled by synchronized control panel. UGM mill system designed as dust proof system to reduce the loss and clean the environment. it's a close circuit condition, so it required 2 - 3 Persons to operate. This system designed as cooled the material hence, no color changes / property changes in your material;

UGM mill system grinds the material with desired mesh size, hence there is no screening system required separately.


We already supplied the such systems for spices and running successfully till date. We are also having a trial base model of such UGM mill system at our Ahmedabad based company; we are pleased to welcome you for the site visit to see the manufacturing facilities & the UGM mill and other equipments which are under manufacturing stage at our workshop.


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